Brilliant inventions will never cease to amaze us, every year it keeps getting better. Portability and user experience is the order of the day, if it isn’t new inventions than it is product development. Product developers are always at it, we have seen how phones and laptops have become portable enough to carry anywhere and to use as we please.

Who ever thought that desks can ever be portable enough to use anywhere? I know that I never imagined such. Desks have been known to be heavy and can only be effectively used in one area at a time, and that either in your office or home. Imagine how tedious and costly it would be if we had to carry desks back and forth, or how costly it would be to buy desks for different areas.

When I say areas I mean, even informal spaces such as restaurants, lodges and other place that you would not privileged enough to have a desk of your own to effectively carry out certain tasks. Well if you didn’t know there is a desk that is flexible enough to carry with anywhere and so as about do anything that you would do in your normal desk, and it is commonly referred to as a portable standing desk from the guys at

A portable standing desk is not only portable but offers the same productivity a normal desk would, it weighs incredibly less than your normal desk would, and a bonus factor is you can carry it in your bag to about just anywhere. Best user experience is guaranteed, as it is also easy to assemble for it to stand.

“Is it good for your health?”, yes, it is good for your health and you won’t be expected to do a lot of bending, remember portability doesn’t mean inefficiency. A lot of questions may arise but no need to be skeptical, just tag along with others and help make your life more easier.

You must be asking, “will the desk offer enough space for my laptop, mouse and key board?” well it will do that and more for you. This is a shocker, all this can be done by something I can carry in my bag to just about anywhere, well those are the perks of invention and product development.

The 21st century has seen us through mind blowing inventions and product development, and before anything is created or improved there is a thought, “who will use this product?” this is a very important question, it is no use to make a product available but have no one to sell it to.

“The most important question is who can actually use this product?” This product is good for one’s health considering that people are always sitting behind their laptops for hours no end, and thus many suffer from back problems.

Anyone who can stand and work on their laptop, age is but a number it is highly recommended for those who have back pain as a result of long hours of screen time (Laptop use) and lastly for those who wish to work out of the office and home can use it too.