As time pass we all get old and can not turn back time. The doctors found out some solutions to help us look younger but, is it working? Can we be so sure that everything is going to be perfect and we are turning back time with more than 10 years? I do not think so! I was asked a long time ago about my face and what I use that it looks so perfect. I use nothing instead of water. That is all but there are people that appeal to cheek augmentation and we all know that is not the only think, we have many other examples but today I chose to talk about this one .

You are old ,a queen in her late 40 or 50 but you still do not want to give the crown to someone else younger, you want to be the queen. You appeal to a doctor to help you with your cheeks and you imagine that everything will be perfect with costly cheek fillers by Melbourne’s cosmetic doctor. No, my dear! There are so many dangers that you never heard about maybe and of course the doctors might never tell you about because they are not humans any more .It feels like they are only sucking our money but that is another story to talk about. What if after a time your face will feel like a balloon, fulfilled with a fluid accumulation or serum? You might have an infection too or to start bleeding a lot. Think about that: you had a nice white skin and after that surgery your skin it is possible to have a discoloration. Does it worth the risk? But wait, check this out: you might have cardiac and pulmonary complications and I am sure that sounds pretty bad and like hell for all of us. You were running all of your life from getting sick and now because you just want to be a queen or look younger, you destroy your body.

Do not try to change the time! You will never be able to do it! Remember that it is more important to live and when I say live you should think about the life from your years! who said that you can not bee a queen at 50? No one! But you should be a queen not because of your perfect face but because what is your kingdom looking like! You do not deserve the pain that it can remain constant after the surgery ,you do not deserve those little fatty cysts that might appear, you do not deserve to lose skin, you do not deserve to be paralyzed because your doctor did not do the job well, you do not deserve a swelling on your face ,you do not deserve to worry about numbness or asymmetry, you do not deserve to require a correction because there will be two different parts of the face, you do not deserve blindness, you do not deserve any of this! You deserve to be happy, to live and to understand that the beauty consist in what you are not in the way you look!