Hair serum has been the recommended product to fix many hair related problems from dry hair to frizzy hair.

It is an effective product to help you treat your frizzy hair but its right or wrong application can solve your

problem and give your hair the perfect look or it can even leave your hair in a worse state. So as an interested

user, you have to find out how to properly apply the product to give you the desired results which we will be

discoursing in this post and on this page:


1. Find out the kind of hair you have.

Hair serums work quite differently with the different hair types so its imperative that you find out your hair

type and make the best recommended application of the hair serum. For instance if you have fine hair, it

wouldn’t be advisable to use an heavy moisturizing type of serum while this would be the perfect option for

steadier hair. Definitely a lighter serum would perfectly for lighter hair. I believe you know the kind of hair you

have so according to this, choose the best option.


2. Apply small quantity.

With hair serums, applying a lot of it for a more effective result could lead you to the undesired result.

Regardless of whether your hair is fine or thick, it is very advisable that at a time you apply a small quantity

of the serum.


3. Wash the hair before you apply serum.

Applying the serum to clean hair with some moisture will yield more results than applying it on dirty and

probably dry hair. That is simply the nature of hair serums. Another common recommendation is that you

should apply the serum first on the clean hair before you add your other hair treatments.


4. Apply hair serum on frizzy hair strands.

Controlling frizzes in your hair could actually be this easy, rub the serum on the palm of your hands between

the sides of your fingers and gently rub the hair strands with frizzes with some motion between your fingers.

Though this should be done carefully to avoid the top of the scalp as this could ruin the roots of your hair.


5. Avoid applying the serum to the root of the hair.

The root of the hair is very delicate so it is very advisable to apply the serum from the ends of your hair

gradually as you move towards the middle section of your hair. This would yield better results because you

are literary applying to all the hair gradually unlike when you get a bunch of the serum, apply it on your palm

and just apply anywhere in the scalp.