was created for tracking individuals, being U.S. citizens or residents, for social security purposes, a 9-digit SSN has long been used as an ID for taxation purposes, necessary during enrolment to a new working place, opening a banking account, housing renting, and so forth. But to get a Social Security Card an individual needs to fill the SS-5 form, which can be quite tricky for the first time. In the following, you will be provided with possible dangers of filling the SS-5 form incorrectly.

The problems come from the start

In case you accidentally misspell your name, provided data will not be reviewed by clerks and simply copied to all the databases and also your Social Security Card. A card with wrong information is highly inconvenient for usage (moreover, would you like to have one with wrongly typed name of yours?), and that’s why it needs to be replaced. Namely starting all the process from the very beginning.
Be ready to terminated government utilities

Obviously, a wrongly mentioned in the SS-5 form address would prevent you from benefiting by government utilities that will not be able to be delivered to your actual address. To enjoy the utilities again, you need to get all the information corrected in a reissued Social Security Card. That is true as well in the order you have changed your place of living.
Open your wallet wide

In case you change your address and forget to provide correct information and get a replacement of a Social Security Card in time, do not surprise when you get asked to pay for damages, caused to the government or third parties at your old address. You will be responsible for literally everything unusual, happening around there. It is one of the most unpleasant and even dangerous outcomes of filling the SS-5 form incorrectly, as you can reach 0 on your banking account for doing nothing.
Get ineligible to use facilities of your province

Facilities, provided by a particular province, are usually unavailable to the residents of others, that’s why not mentioning or mentioning the wrong province would cause in you, being unable to benefit by all facilities, you’d likely to use as a resident. So if you do not want to make a living at your place more difficult by yourselves, do not ignore any data, you provide in the SS-5.And it gives even more on that

As it was mentioned at the start, an SSN is used far more than only a security number. Having a mistake at a form for applying to a new card will make you struggle while issuing a passport, opening any kind of banking account and getting a debit or credit card and probably at any place you may need an SSN. As you can notice from the abovementioned examples on what can go wrong with incorrect information in the SS-5 form, misspelling or mistaking some kind of data, which seems a quite common thing, would probably be one of your biggest and long-remembered mistakes in the life. And in that perspective, wasted time for reissuing a new Social Security Card appear to be not that terrible outcome.